Red Phosphorus Masterbatch

EcoChem expands product portfolio in Red Phosphorus Masterbatch

Various industries using polyolefins are seeing increased demands on fire rating norms, specifically towards requirements on LOI indexes where current solutions are not adequate. With this in mind, EcoChem has expanded its product portfolio to included new Red Phosphorus based products on different carriers to meet these increased FR standards.

The products are based on stabilized and micro-encapsulated red phosphorus powder and can be easily dispersed in the polymer compound. They show high thermal stability at processing temperatures ranging from 160°C - 270°C. 

  • FR6560PT is a Red Phosporus masterbatch with a polypropylene carrier.
  • FR6940Y is a Red Phosporus masterbatch with a polyolefine carrier.
  • FR6550E is a Red Phosporus masterbatch with an EVA carrier.

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Red Phosphorus Masterbatch