Welcome to EcoChem

At EcoChem, we create eco-friendly flame retardant solutions for a sustainable and safe future. Through in-house innovation we enable our customers to meet the ‘reaction to fire’ standards as required in building & construction, transportation, electronic and many other applications. We combine economically viable solutions with environmental protection.

Our products are added to materials such as wood, insulation, paper, textiles, coatings and a wide range of plastics in order to inhibit, suppress or delay flame and smoke production caused by fire.

Headquartered in Olen (Belgium), EcoChem operates a state-of-the art production and R&D facility located in Willebroek (Belgium), a fire testing and R&D center in Offenbach (Germany) and is serving clients in 25 countries.

Thanks to our strong position within our key markets, EcoChem is able to grow at above-average rates, amounting to some 15% per year.

- Pieter Daeseleire, Managing Director EcoChem