Thermosets – Resins

Thermosetting resin is a material that hardens when heated and cannot be remoulded. Thermosetting resins (Phenolics, Epoxy, Polyester) have created a market for themselves in high performance applications, requiring high mechanical strength, fire resistance etc. Their use is particularly high in construction, automotive and electronic applications where the fire retardant characteristics of the end-use product are very important. A good example are flame retardant resin bonded textile felts which are used as acoustic insulation materials in cars & trucks but also in household appliances such as washing machines & dishwashers.

EcoChem is a key market player in the development, production and marketing of halogen-free flame-retardant additives for numerous resin applications. Our ecologically friendly fire protection products are added in dry or liquid format.

A lot of manufacturers use halogen based chemicals. Halogens are good fire retardants but they are not environmentally friendly. Ecochem will help you to define the best alternative flame retardant solutions. Our product portfolio contains solid and liquid additives.

On request we can offer you a detailed guideline to produce fire-retardant thermosetting resin products based on your specific production parameters. We always offer on-site assistance for full scale production tests.