Fire Protected Textiles

EcoChem is a market Challenger in flame-retardant chemicals, dispersions, and formulated ready-to-use fire protection solutions. Flame retardant chemicals are used in speciality fabric back-coatings for curtains, seating, furniture and flooring in transport and public buildings as well as domestic upholstered furniture conforming to the UK and Ireland Furniture Flammability regulations.

EcoChem markets a wide range of non-halogen and halogen chemical raw materials and flame retardant (FR) dispersions to textile component formulators. The product portfolio includes stable, high – solid water borne dispersions, ready to blend with binder components.

In addition EcoChem provides formulated ready-to-use fire protection solutions for Upholstery fabrics, curtains, blinds, decoration textiles, mattress ticking, industrial and technical fabrics, automotive textile, non woven fabrics, carpets & textile floor covering.

On request, our application specialist will contact you to discuss our product portfolio and our tailor-made services. We always offer on-site assistance. If you are interested, please contact us.