Welcome to EcoChem

At EcoChem, we create eco-friendly flame retardant solutions for a sustainable and safe future. Through in-house innovation we enable our customers to meet the ‘reaction to fire’ standards as required in building & construction, transportation, electronic and many other applications. We combine economically viable solutions with environmental protection.

Our products are added to materials such as wood, insulation, paper, textiles, coatings and a wide range of plastics in order to inhibit, suppress or delay flame and smoke production caused by fire.

Headquartered in Olen (Belgium), EcoChem operates a state-of-the art production and R&D facility located in Willebroek (Belgium), a fire testing and R&D center in Offenbach (Germany) and is serving clients in 25 countries.

Thanks to our strong position within our key markets, EcoChem is able to grow at above-average rates, amounting to some 15% per year.

– Pieter Daeseleire, Managing Director EcoChem

EcoChem, a team with a clear mission

Our mission

  • EcoChem is committed to make the world a safer place
  • We are the leading developer and producer of high performance and environmentally responsible chemistry for the fire safety industry

Our vision

  • Protect the world from fire, through innovation, with no impact on the environment

– Part of a strong developing group

Ecochem is part of the INCENDIN group: a market leader in passive and active fire protection systems.

We develop and produce environmentally responsible chemistry for both Passive (flame retardant and fire resistant materials) and Active (fire extinguishing agents) Fire Protection solutions.

We serve our customers with fully integrated, tailor-made solutions, partnering from initial R&D to just-in-time deliveries, based on deep application knowledge, production know-how, recognized brands and solid intellectual property.

Part of the Incendin Group

Corporate values

❝We didn’t invent our values, we live them.❞


We show deep respect for people, society and environment. We value collaboration and integrity to grow our business in a way that makes us proud.


The courage to shape a better future. From research to application development, we put ideas into action. We continuously invest to develop better performing and greener products.


We’re committed to excellence in customer service and strive to exceed expectations. We have a ‘can do’ approach to deliver tailor made solutions.


We act with entrepreneurship to deliver on our promises. We challenge the status quo to support the growth of our customers and our company.