Flame retardant chemistry

Wood – Panels – Boards

Production and marketing of eco-friendly flame-retardant additives for timber and wood-based panels

Thermosets – Resins

High performance applications, requiring high mechanical strength, fire resistance etc

Plastics – Polymers

Protect Plastics for Electronic, Transport (automotive, airplanes, ships, and trains) and Construction applications

Coatings – Sealants

Used by manufacturers of fire protection coatings and sealants for transport, building and construction purposes

About EcoChem

At EcoChem, we create eco-friendly flame retardant solutions for a sustainable and safe future. Through in-house innovation we enable our customers to meet the ‘reaction to fire’ standards as required in building & construction, transportation, electronic and many other applications. We combine economically viable solutions with environmental protection.

Our products are added to materials such as wood, insulation, paper, textiles, coatings and a wide range of plastics in order to inhibit, suppress or delay flame and smoke production caused by fire.

Headquartered in Olen (Belgium), EcoChem operates a state-of-the art production and R&D facility located in Willlebroek (Belgium), a fire testing and R&D center in Offenbach (Germany) and is serving clients in 25 countries.

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Technical assistance

EcoChem acts in an innovative spirit, with commitment and search for excellence, capitalising on strong R&D competences and established application expertise. EcoChem provides in-house laboratory for the fire-class testing of your end-use products and strong expertise in traditional and new fire class testing standards. We ensure continuous research to optimise existing flame retardant formulas and the development of new formulas with newly available flame retardant components. We always offer technical assistance on-site by highly skilled application experts. The determination of the flame retardant additive which best meets your requirements can only be done based on individual communication between our companies, by sharing know-how.


Our customer-orientated approach means you can count on us to create and customise our chemicals and services to meet your specific application, environmental and market requirements. Ecochem advocates solution driven product development, whereas most competitors rather pursue a well defined (volume) chemical product strategy. This fact ensures a significantly higher flexibility by Ecochem in its commitment to continuous research to optimise existing flame retardant formulas and the development of new formulas with newly available flame retardant components.

Eco friendly

It goes without saying that EcoChem attaches the utmost importance to the safety and protection of both the environment and nature in the broadest sense of the word.We consider it as an integral part of our product responsibility to make customers aware of the scope for improvement in the processing and use of fire-retardants.

Tailor Made

Due to the increased scrutiny of fire safety, the market for flame retardants has experienced considerable growth in the last 15 years, as witnessed by overall market growth rates of 6.0% in recent years.

As the term “flame retardant” describes a function and not a chemical class, a wide range of different chemicals is used for this purpose. That variety of chemical products is necessary, because the materials and products which are to be rendered fire safe are very different in nature and composition.

EcoChem offers strong R&D competences and highly skilled application experts in order to supply formulated and tailor-made flame-retardants for your unique application. Key material functionalities of your fire protected wood-, insulation-, coating-, textile-, resin-, paper- and plastic products must be retained at all times

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